My love for baking combined with the love for my dog..

So here's my story and the start of Pawfect..

I grew up with 3 loving dogs who were a huge part of my childhood. So when I finally moved into my own place; My boyfriend and I decided to get a puppy. So excitinggg!

I didn't realise this would happen but Izzy completely changed my love for dogs. Some of my friends think I'm a little odd because she's really turned me into a crazy dog mum.. but I have never known a love like it. She is so sweet, affectionate and puts a smile on my face everyday.

Izzy had quite a sensitive stomach growing up so I started thinking of recipes and treats I could make at home that wouldn't have all the nasties in and instead homemade natural ingredients that I knew wouldn't make her poorly.

Ever since I was little I've loved baking cakes, biscuits well anything delicious really. My love for baking combined with the love for dogs was the start of Pawfect Pooch Cakes. I loved it so much I built myself a website solely for dog cakes, treats and biscuits that are all homemade using dog friendly ingredients. They're all tried, tested and tasted by Pawfect's chief taster, Izzy. She gives them all a big paws up!

I'm sure your furry friends will enjoy them as much as mine do!

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